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We cannot over-emphasise the
importance of good gun-fit. The correct relationship between eye and muzzle;

At Conyers we can carry out onsite gunsmithing, for large jobs we use a local Londn trained gunsmith. 
Arthur Conyers made very affordable guns of which most parts where made on site and then assembled.





Is to take in to consideration the eyesight and build of a client, so with consistently correct gun mounting, the gun will work for you and not against you.


Gun-fitting is as much an art as a science. It requires the astute and acute observation of our fitters with many years of experience.


All of our instructors carry with them, various tools to enable, us to fit your gun or a hired gun to you on the day. 

Our pattern plates enable us to observe clients' shooting techniques and then fine-tune gun measurements on a variety of different shots.



The fitting culminates with a card detailing your own individual measurements, recognised by all the gun-makers.

All gun fitting adjustments can be done by our gunsmith at Conyers.